Convoy Etiquette

Convoy Etiquette

Driving in a convoy is a fun way to travel amongst your fellow Corvette enthusiasts.

Having a good time and pulling off a successful and safe drive involves some common sense behaviour and driving etiquette as summarised below.

1. Prepare your car - Full of fuel

All vehicles must be legally registered and roadworthy or applicable permits in place. Bald tyres, smokey exhausts etc sets a bad image to both the public and to the police. Ensure your vehicle has enough fuel, oil & water well before the run, and is mechanically able to complete the journey - otherwise you may inconvenience the entire group. If your car uses excessive fuel, let the trip organiser know so a fuel stop can be planned.

2. Prepare yourself - Arrive well before the departure time

Arrive well before the departure time. Bring a mobile phone or 2 way radio if you have one. Make a toilet stop if necessary before you leave home. For longer drives, toilet stops may be planned.

3. Stay aware of the vehicle BEHIND you - Especially before making a turn

With a diverse group of cars and participants, some people may think the convoy is travelling too slow whilst others may think its travelling too fast. People can get discouraged or upset at loosing the group. You are responsible for taking note of what vehicle is BEHIND you and keeping that vehicle in view. Should that vehicle lag behind at any stage, then wait safely at any turnoff until they catch up and acknowledge the turn. Do not pass the lead car unless otherwise directed or in an emergency. The lead car has been given the responsibility to set the pace and to help ensure that everyone arrives at the destination as one group. Stay in the same lane as the lead car, avoid driving side by side or following too close.

4. Incase of problems - Help people in trouble

Notify the lead car of any problems by mobile phone or 2 way radio during the run. Travelling in convoy is supposed to be fun. If a fellow vetter is having car problems, help them. Nobody wants to be left behind, especially in a convoy.

5. Take it easy - Drive Responsibly & Enjoy Yourself

When in a convoy, we are on display to the public and it is expected that all participants are courteous to all traffic and pedestrians. Doing burnouts or other similar displays is bad for the whole group. Sometimes things don't go to plan, people get lost, or traffic throws us off schedule, so it's important to stay focused and be able to relax if things don't go to plan. Drive safely and responsibly and enjoy driving amongst your fellow Corvette enthusiasts, and help make it a fun day for everyone involved.

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