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Greg (07) 3337 0136 or

16th October 2012

WANTED: 1958 to 1961 C1 Corvette Convertible V8 4sp Manual.

CONDITION: Refurbished with fresh Ermine White paint and genuine original parts, prefer without fuel injection lines.


1988 Corvette coupe


Wayne 0419-328-145 or 03-5221-8093

28th August 2011

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84-96 Corvette glass hatch


Wayne 0419-328-145 or 03-5221-8093

2nd November2007

This rear window was originally removed from a base model (non-demist) 86-90 Corvette, however it will suit any 84-96 C4 coupe. Includes hinges, strut mounts and 86-90 top panel.


1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960 (c1) corvette parts

Denis 0417-133-600 or

30th January 2012

door posts left and right hand $300 each
1959-62 bonnet (also fits 1958) $SOLD
passenger door c1 - $SOLD
drivers door c1 - $350
window frames $250 each
exhaust manifold $200 each
generator - requires restoration $300
original tail-light assembly with used lense - requires restoration - $150ea
headlamp surround (chrome is 8/10) - $50 each
used bonnet or trunk emblem assembly - $50
upper grille opening newly chromed - $450
lower grille opening - $350
front left bumper newly chromed - $350
crossed flag emblems, original - $35 each
fuel filler door assembly includes hinge - $150
3x driver quality wheel spinners - $20 each
centre console glovebox door panel - $100
centre console glovebox door panel left and right stainless trim - $120 (2 pieces)
chrome grille teeth (driver quality chrome) - $20 each
rear vision mirror - $50
original shifter plate (requires restoration) - $25
steering wheel - $250
original seat backs - $350 each
original seat tracks cleaned and zinc plated - $500 lot


Corvette 50th Anniversary Monopoly - BRAND NEW!


Denis 0417-133-600 or

28th August 2011

OUT OF PRINT. Rare and collectible. Brand New in shrink-wrap. RRP$119.00.

Selling for $69 - just a little more than the price of the standard Parker Brothers Monopoly.

Includes 6 Collectible Pewter Tokens (solid metal) '53 Convertible, '58 Front Clip, '68 L88, '63 Split Window, The Bow Tie Emblem and Spinner Wheel. Custom Corvette Money replaces the classic Monopoly Money. Custom Title Deed Cards. Custom 1953 and 2003 Emblems replace classic Community Chest and Chance Cards. Custom Cottages and Dealerships replace traditional Houses and Hotels.


Original California Car Duster


Denis 0417-133-600 or

28th August 2011


This is one of the Corvette Enthusiast's must have items.

These are The Original highest quality California Car Dusters with wood handles.

These have a thicker, denser mop head than similar copy-cat products on the market.



Compact, lightweight and easy to use.

Exclusive baked-on wax-treated strands lift dust.

Won't scratch paint.

Reduces number of car washings.

Comes with handy carrying case.

26-inch wood handle with 15-inch cotton fibre head.


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The Original California Car Duster literally works like magic. It utilises the proven technology of baking a special paraffin wax into 100% cotton strands to assure that dust is lifted and removed, not just pushed around. The Original California Car Duster gives cars the appearance of looking just washed. The traditional, classic wood handle with heavy duty mop head, is preferred by car show entrants and enthusiasts worldwide.


Add $16 if you require postage to anywhere in Australia (add $3 postage for each additional duster). Payment by credit card accepted, bank deposit, PAYPAL, cheque, cash, money order (PAYPAL email


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